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Missy Collier: It Takes a Village

“I thought I was the luckiest person in the world growing up,” she told me during our talk. At 13, she sailed aboard Sunburst’s wooden square-rigger The Gallilee, and during summers worked in the community’s restaurant The Farmer & the Fisherman as a bus girl. She also became very fast at putting “noodles”—the wet plastic […]

Sundays at the Ranch

I love walking into the kitchen at the Lodge on Sundays before meditation service. There’s the wonderful smell of whatever the week’s brunch team is cooking, underneath which I can always detect the kitchen’s usual comforting aroma of coffee and spices. It’s nice and warm in there now, too, on these suddenly chilly winter days. […]

John Henry McCaughey: On Trust, God, Heavy Equipment, and Other Matters of Interest

Although he would never admit it because of his native modesty, John Henry McCaughey is something of a local legend. This stems not only from his decades-long dedication to Sunburst’s land and people, but also because he’s so profoundly cool. I use that word in the most respectful sense, to connote an unshakeable groundedness in […]

Labor of love

One of the ways I show my love for Sunburst is to mow the rose garden lawn at the Lodge every week. To be honest, it’s not a burden at all. I love doing it. I used to have a big lawn out in South Suburbia on a third of an acre, and l really […]

Resident Profile: John Kiddie

John Kiddie, fondly known as “JK,” came to Sunburst in inimitable JK style: unhurried, enthusiastic, and curious. His story is remarkably similar to those of many Sunburst residents, although of course the details differ. JK recalls having an awakening experience in the late 60s after reading a book on yoga by Richard Hittleman. As John […]