A Magical Start to 2012

With a huge Christmas tree glowing in the corner of the Lodge by a roaring fire, we took our seats on the evening of December 31 for an annual Sunburst New Year’s tradition: the beautiful and magical Fire Ceremony. Many people sat quietly in the soft light, pondering their intentions for 2012. The Fire Ceremony […]

Missy Collier: It Takes a Village

“I thought I was the luckiest person in the world growing up,” she told me during our talk. At 13, she sailed aboard Sunburst’s wooden square-rigger The Gallilee, and during summers worked in the community’s restaurant The Farmer & the Fisherman as a bus girl. She also became very fast at putting “noodles”—the wet plastic […]

Sundays at the Ranch

I love walking into the kitchen at the Lodge on Sundays before meditation service. There’s the wonderful smell of whatever the week’s brunch team is cooking, underneath which I can always detect the kitchen’s usual comforting aroma of coffee and spices. It’s nice and warm in there now, too, on these suddenly chilly winter days. […]

John Henry McCaughey: On Trust, God, Heavy Equipment, and Other Matters of Interest

Although he would never admit it because of his native modesty, John Henry McCaughey is something of a local legend. This stems not only from his decades-long dedication to Sunburst’s land and people, but also because he’s so profoundly cool. I use that word in the most respectful sense, to connote an unshakeable groundedness in […]

Labor of love

One of the ways I show my love for Sunburst is to mow the rose garden lawn at the Lodge every week. To be honest, it’s not a burden at all. I love doing it. I used to have a big lawn out in South Suburbia on a third of an acre, and l really […]