Earth Stewardship


An essential part of Sunburst’s teachings is learning to become true caretakers of our beautiful home planet – living close to the earth, reaping the harvest it gives us without exhausting its natural resources. As souls awaken to Spirit, often the first step on the path is to seek wholesome foods to nourish the body, recognizing it as a temple for the Divine. For over 35 years, many of Sunburst’s members have been involved in organic farming and natural foods enterprises. Currently, Sunburst members farm over 150 acres with row crops, fruit orchards and grains, as well as raise natural livestock, practice beekeeping, and operate a natural marketplace in Solvang, California which serves the local community with fresh and healthful nourishment. At Sunburst Sanctuary, we are experimenting with alternative, earth-friendly building materials and fuels. Solar and other alternative energy sources are also being developed. We are located on a 4,000 acre ranch where a large portion of the land will remain undeveloped, serving as a wildlife sanctuary for deer, wild turkeys, bobcats, and other native residents. Read more about our sustainable farming practices here.

“Divine Spirit wants to be the caretaker of the Earth through the hands, feet, hearts, and minds of men and women – to feel the good Earth beneath many feet, breathe the clear fresh air, swim in the pure waters, and run in the forests. It desires to feel and look upon the brilliance of the sun, and find divine love within one another, realizing all the time that It created all this superb beauty!”  — Norman Paulsen