Our Teachings


The name Sunburst evokes the brilliance of I Am That I Am — the living divine presence destined to awaken within each soul as the pure Self. These teachings are offered with the intention to guide you to the realization of the teacher within you. Here you will find meditation techniques in the Kriya Yoga tradition, as well as mindfulness practices and timeless principles of virtue (see the Rainbow Path) to support your journey. Time and again great illumined souls come into our midst to awaken and guide us on the path of Self-realization. They speak the same truth; their message is fundamentally the same: The kingdom of heaven is within you. Seek and ye shall find.

Sunburst’s teachings of Self-realization are based upon the message of Paramahansa Yogananda, direct disciple, founder Norman Paulsen, and the living guidance of Christ consciousness that Jesus exemplifies unceasingly. These great souls are active in these teachings today, as are many others from the living presence of I Am That I Am, the light of pure divine consciousness. Everyone, regardless of spiritual affiliation, can embrace these teachings in the temple of their own hearts, and draw closer to the Divine with each passing moment.

Sunburst is available to provide spiritual education and support through facilitating workshops, meditation and devotional song circles, as well as classes and initiations in the universal science of Kriya Yoga: the science of uniting the soul with the Infinite Spirit. Please contact us for more information.

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